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Smart content solutions

Proposal Management

Smart and agile bid management for the win.

Create compelling submissions with professional bid, tender, and proposal management. Content Fox can supply or consult on:

  • Developing win strategies – what features, benefits and proofs will help you win?
  • Answering the client’s questions (correctly) for maximum scores
  • Articulating technical content clearly and in plain English
  • Refining written content to target the reader’s hot buttons
  • Wrangling large teams to gather content and keep to a tight bid schedule

for Business

Writing and Editing to elevate your business documents

Get your message across with clear and audience appropriate English. Content Fox can support all sorts of written content, including:

  • Persuasive writing – e.g. executive summaries, bids and capability statements
  • Informative writing – e.g. reports, presentations, health and safety documents etc.
  • Instructional / process writing
    • User guides
    • Plans e.g. quality, health & safety, transition, mobilisation or pandemic management plans

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Graphic Design to elevate your business documents

Ideation, creation and refinement of graphics. Humans are visual creatures and a tidy, well illustrated document can tell a 1000 words:

  • Graphic design for documents which is focused on increasing understanding of information and vital engagement.
  • Enhance your Word documents with:
    • Methodology flow charts
    • Process mapping
    • Organisation charts
    • Iconography
    • Infographics

When to call Content Fox?

Help! I need short-term bid support

Content Fox offers interim support while current staff are on leave or when there’s a short burst of resource when you are launching new initiatives. You’ll get a calm and efficient resource to keep your business winning proposals.

I want meaningful documents that boost engagement

Content Fox provides clean, easy to understand graphics, infographics and iconography to enhance your proposals, reports or instructional documents.

I need someone to proof and improve my written English

Content Fox can provide a fresh pair of eyes, critical review, copywriting and editing to really target the language of your audience (be it a major client, your Board of Directors, or your most junior employee).

I’m not sure if Content Fox can help me…

Chances are that we can help! Send us an email or give Bree a call and we can discuss how we can meet your business needs.

“[Content Fox] possesses a unique ability to interpret information and present it in a simple, effective manner.”

– John – National Business Development Manager, McKay (Electrical Contractor)

“Your creative ideas and amazing wordsmithing was fundamental to the high quality content and readability of our document.”

– Matt – Technical Director
Jacobs (Engineering Consultancy)

“This is the best proposal we’ve ever received.

It should be the benchmark for all future proposals…”

– Tender Evaluation Team -Tender Feedback – Department of Corrections


Content Fox provides content management, writing and graphic design support to elevate your business documents.

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